This is especially important if you want to remove software leftovers that might interfere with your operating system or other applications. Today we’re looking at cleaning the Windows 11 registry of these leftovers. But, again, we highly recommend you use a third-party tool if you want to clean the Windows 11 registry. No program outside of those that come bundled with an original Windows setup will be on your computer after the clean install is complete. Microsoft’s MBR2GPT tool may allow you to convert a drive from MBR to GPT format.

You can follow the detailed steps given below to rebuild BCD on your computer. The Advanced Startup in Windows 10 can help you access Command Prompt without logging into the system. You can follow the detailed steps given below to rebuild BCD in Windows 10 successfully. Next, use the using BCDedit command to create a new Boot Configuration Data file (it is supposed, you don’t have the BCD backup file).

how to windows registry

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Method 8: Reset your PC

For easy access, we’ll list out all the details provided by Microsoft here. You can cross-verify that the subkey was actually deleted from the Registry Editor. Navigate to the location that the subkey used to live and see if it was removed. We’ll give a full list of the reg commands and each respective syntax later. For now, you can get a list of the operation types, as well as additional help with each operation, from the Command Prompt. Next, right-click the “Command Prompt” app in the search results, and select “Run As Administrator” from the menu.

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Bootrec /RebuildBcd – recreate the bootloader configuration store, add copies of Windows found on the computer to the BCD bootloader. Microsoft provides help for other Windows-based computer freeze issues that may prevent your PC from booting normally. Depending on how you started Advanced Startup Options or System Recovery options, you may need to remove any USB and any other peripherals connected to your Windows 11 PC. Windows 11 BCD (Boot Configuration Data) gives your PC instructions on how to boot up the Windows 11 operating system quickly and securely.

Your computer will run as responsively and smoothly as it should. One of the most critical things to remember is that the registry is a very fragile component of your computer.