Alice imagination helps to discover the desires of people.

Alice looked dreamy up of her book. She heard the noise of fast-paced footsteps, complaining about the rain and the ticking off the clock. She wondered: ‘Can I, Alice, with my imagination help the people to discover and fulfill their desire for more sun and time in their lives’? Alice flew to the singing birds, heading to a nest. A brave dodo landed and shouted, ‘I am here.’ And Alice asked: ‘Brave dodo, help me on your back and let’s bring the heart’s wish for more sun to the stars in the universe?’ The dodo doubted: ‘Alice, that’s a difficult mission. People do not believe in the wonder and the rhythm of nature when they are in a crisis. The reality of people is that they just believe in their way of thinking and the facts they learned in school about life. But Alice, climb on my back and use your imagination to spread our wings in the sky!’

Converting fears into human wishes, talent and strength.

With high speed they fly through space, and suddenly their wings beeped and they stopped in front of the moon. Alice asked: ‘Full moon, do you want to ask the stars to fall now so that we can fulfill their wishes?’ The moon broke: ‘Alice, people are shooting all the fears on me in the dark night. I’m busy enough every night to land these fears between the stars. That’s the fate people cannot change. The fact is that winter is competing against summer. Time is something that people themselves created to control their live. In nature everything has the perfect timing. Alice, the secret of the universe is that in every human being there is a wish, talent and strength that is stronger than the darkest night. And their heart desires make the sun shine! Alice replied:’ but moon, the people do everything with a goal. They simply seek happiness, sentence or meaning in live. The moon broke:’ they fill their live with work, matter and entertainment and complain that they have no time’. Alice thinks about these words and wonders out loudly: ’Why do people not connect with their real desires and why are they keep on wandering around?’ Then suddenly the brave dodo replies: ’If people would believe in their desires, talent and power, they would be connected to every second of the day. You can’t be else than happy with any kind of wetter. At least, if you fill your costly time and thinking with that what you really believed in.’

Dust off and send your desires and faith into the universe.

Alice listens to her heart and unconsciously he throws a dot of stardust on her heart’s wish. Spontaneous stars spark and the line of a beautiful butterfly appears in the sky. It gave Alice a happy spring feeling. ’Wow moon! So the inner life and the cosmos mirror each other!’ Brave dodo tell us: ’Is faith the same as really desire and wanting it with all your heart?’ The brave dodo responds to this:’ the will and your intentions change space and stars around us but therefore we need the heart wishes from people. If you forget what you think to know with your mind and follow your heart, then stars can form an image of your pad that enriches your life’. Alice cheers: ’Then we know what to do. Let’s all start with wiping off the dust of your own passions and desires. Send your faith and inspiration into the universe. Sparkles … smile …play…. discover with a talent challenge your happiness and freedom! Then the most beautiful stars will appear and fall on our wonderland and everything will blossom.

Author: Willy Hazelhorst

Picture: logo Nspires